F. A. Q.

Hygiene: Be a gent. How much more do I need to say? A shower, fresh towels, and even a new toothbrush are at your disposal if you'd like to freshen up, and even if not - please do.

Availability: 24 hours notice is preferred for most bookings, I am occasionally available with short notice but cannot guarantee. Please call or text for same day availability.

Punctuality: Traffic can be brutal, and it rears its ugly head at the least convenient of times - I get that. I can offer a 15 minute grace period, but after that I'm afraid your arrival time does affect the length of our date.

Payment: I accept cash only on the date, pre-payments via bank transfer or Bpay are available prior to meeting but must clear my account before our arrangements commence. Please have this prepared at the beginning of our date and I prefer to count funds in the open to clear any unintentional discrepancies. Business before pleasure allows us to enjoy each others company for the entirety of our time together.

Extensions: If during our date you decide that you just can't get enough, and would like to extend, I will be happy to do so if my schedule allows. 

Travel: I tour occasionally, but if you'd like to have me where you want me when you want me, I'm happy to hop on a plane with a little bit of notice. 

Here's how that works.

-Rates vary based on the length of the trip. 4 Days or less will be at the published rate, for a longer trip please send me an email letting me know where and when and for how long you'd like me to meet you. POA.

-I'll book my flight, and include that price in the additional expenses for you.

-A deposit of 50% of the rate will be required to secure the booking. (For trips of 4+ days, 25% is sufficient)  

-I need at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per evening in order to maintain my sunny composure.  

-Safe sex is absolutely paramount. I do not waiver in my resolve on this point, if I accompany a client on a vacation or getaway I will return home if any funny business is attempted. Regardless of our relationship or length of engagement. Full payment for the travel arrangements and any subsequent change costs to be paid by the client.

- I do not consent to unsafe sex. If it's not on, its NOT ON!

Hey there beautiful I’m good thanks, I can’t do two nights in a row anymore the others kicked on till 7am 🤦♂... Friday night was awesome I must admit thinking about that night will keep a smile on my face for a long time 😂.... I’d love to see you again if you come to Sydney please let me know I’ll book us a room on the harbour and... xxx

Hey so very nice meeting you and I'm sorry I was so nervous - but you are amazing and I'm glad to have met you. Let me know you all safe and take care.
Maybe we could catch up every now and then, but only if you were happy with that.
Sleep well :) xx

Woke up thinking of you and just wished to say thanks for fitting me into your agenda.  Hoping all goes well in Dallas. Don't make me worry about you!   You are more magical than any woman I have met.  I don't care what it says on your drivers license you cannot be a day over 22. Very best wishes,

So...I'm whoever you what me to be haha 
You have screwed my shit up 😜 catch up soon x

Hi Jaime- great to see you!  Looking forward to catching up with you again.  Have a great weekend.  Best wishes xxx

Thanks for coming over!  Had a great time. Even got to high five you which was awesome and you know why 😎. Take care XXX

Hi Jaime, I want to thank you for a lovely time spent with you this afternoon. I felt terrific, your service was sensational :)

Hey Jamie thankyou for tonight was awesome hope you got home safe If people don't have fun with you there's something wrong lol.

Had a really good time thanks ☺️I'd love to see you again ☺️😜..I always have a good weekend ha thanks tho 🤪😊

Had a truly amazing time!!! Hope it was as fun for u!!!! 😘😘😘Until next time babe !! Can’t wait

Hey Beautiful. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. You are something special.

It was really nice meeting you Ms. Lewis. And I hope you enjoyed the time with me. See you really soon xx

That was the most fun I've ever had you are the best 😉

Hey thanks for today! Wonderful! Never played with fist, maybe one day. You looked extra hot with that strap on and knowing you were about to fk me with it. GS was amazing. Take care I really enjoyed today.

It was a pleasure in every way. Loved your company. Have a great trip. 🖤☺👌


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